The Brazilian Barbecue Briefcase pampers the senses with the delicious aroma of grilling meat. The barbecue set looks like a briefcase which transforms into a charcoal grill making outdoor cooking more interesting. The Brazilian barbecue briefcase has been designed with stainless motorized steel splits and a charcoal tray. The mechanical motor has been wisely fitted, [...]

Certain things tend to become better when they are practiced outdoors. For instance, a nap you take inside a bedroom can never outdo a nap you take under the sun on a sandy beach. The ambiance is completely different. It’s the same when it comes to cooking as well. Outdoor Cooking is completely a different [...]

Designer: Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova People often want their living, dining and bedrooms to get a different type of décor and lighting plays a very important role in providing that look to these places. Those who are searching for something useful yet elegant will appreciate the shadow lamps designed by the designers Dan Yeffet [...]

Architect: Atelier Riri Project leader Atelier Riri has taken into considerations some basic factors as per the government regulation in suburban Jakarta. Half of the space has to be left for water reservoir, so the architecture had made the structure in such a way that the space is utilized in the best possible way. The [...]

Designer: Secret Gardens For the city dwellers, the Roof Top Garden designed and created by the Secret Gardens Interiors and Designers has brought a gust of fresh winds in the monotonous and tiring lives. In Sydney, Australia, this renowned designer has managed to create a piece of green land on the rooftop between the skyscrapers [...]

Designer: Jeff Skierka There are some things which never fade away from our lives and designer Jeff Skierka has especially worked hard to bring back the old day memories in our lives with the wooden mixtapes. The Mixtape table designed by the designer Jeff Skierka is the one which has elegant and classy touch as [...]

Designer: NENDO The new series of lighting designs for your house from NENDO, the Japanese Design Studio, is unmatched one. Their new range of products, the Press Lamps, is made for Lasvit and these are the latest style of illuminating the house in the form of hanging pendant and floor lamps. The glass tubes of [...]

Designer: Guilherme Torres It has been proven again that the age has nothing to do with creativity. Even a youngster would be able to create masterpieces and that is what has been done by the young and talented architect Guilherme Torres when he participated in the Mostra Black, the most important event of the interior [...]

Designer: Angelo Tomaiuolo For enhancing the décor of a room and to provide a classic yet modern look to the place, the ONDA Bookcase designed by the modern Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo, is the perfect one. This bookcase, which is produced by the Italian Company Tonin CASA, has authentic and appealing style which not only [...]

Designer: Ernestomeda Kitchen is the most used room in any house and the kitchen is like a mirror looking at which the guest and the visitors of a house get to know about the residents of that house. No one likes to work in an untidy and cluttered kitchen. The new Icon Kitchen designed by [...]