House in Rishikesh is Designed to Mimic A Flowing River

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This is a house built by Indian architecture firm Rajiv Saini in the Northern Indian city of Rishikesh.  Built over an area of 640 square meters, the Rishikesh House has rear entrance covered by a scooping cantilevered roof.

The location of the house is as beautiful as the house itself. It is located in the hilly town of Rishikesh in Northern India close to the Ganges River. This single storey residence has been built on the sloping riverside terrain. The house is a mixture of open & enclosed spaces. The architecture of this fascinating single storey house mimics the sinuous lines of the River Ganges below.

In order to bring the outside environment within the house, huge glass walls have been built. The concrete walls are complex & sloped to mimic a flowing river. The house has many elements built into it. The rear facing main entrance is characterized by rough masonry walls.   

The dining room is enclosed with teak woods while the semi-outdoor central courtyard is can be clearly seen through the large glass walls that surrounds it. The house also has a spa built into it & it is located where the building tunnels into the hill.

Overall, the house has three bedrooms & two living rooms. Throughout the interior one can see concrete brick & stone walls while the floors are made up of sandstones. 



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