Five Amazing Homes Made from Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers are basically humble boxes which are used to ferry goods across the world. It is always interesting when people try and build homes with them. These container homes are fast gaining popularity since they are both economical & help you reduce your carbon footprint. We have listed five amazing houses which have been built using shipping containers.

1. Redondo Beach House:

This beach house residence is built entirely using shipping containers. The project was conceived & developed by De Maria Design and Logical Homes in 2006. They used eight prefabricated & recycled shipping containers of different sizes to build this residence. One of the eight containers also acts as a swimming pool for the residents of this house. The house is said to be fire & termite proof. 70% of the building work took place off-site.

2. Container City, London:

Container City project in London took just five months to complete. The project was the brainchild of Urban Space Management & it was located at the heart of the Docklands District. The project was completed in 2001. The entire project was both cost-effective & environment friendly since 80% of the building were created from recycled materials. It is three stories high with 12 work studios across a 4,800 sq ft area. Phase II of container city was completed in 2002 & it was even taller at five stories.

3. One Container house by Lot-Ek:

These One Container houses were built using recycled industrial materials. Built by New York based architecture firm Lot-Ek, these houses use a singular unit of container for building one house. The company calls them Modular Dwelling Units (MDUs).

4. Student Housing Project, Keetwonen, Amsterdam:

In Keetwonen, Amsterdam 1000 dorm units for students were created just by using containers. This is probably the biggest housing unit built entirely from shipping containers. The project was designed, conceived & built by Tempo Housing in 2006. 

5. Ecopods:

Ecopod is also made using a singular shipping container. The deck doors are electrically operated. The power is obtained from solar energy. The floor is made up of recycled car tires & walls have birch paneling over closed cell soya insulation. The glass windows have been double paned to slow down transfer of heat. 


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